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Some Practical Reasons for Choosing Car Rentals over Using Your Own Ride

Whether you’re going on a short weekend getaway or a longer out of town (or perhaps even out of the country) trip, it’s always good to have a reliable car to take with you. This is especially true if you want to be able move around freely for as much as possible. Mostly, the sheer convenience of being able to go from one point to another without the hassle of switching modes of transportation, waiting in terminals, and enduring long-winding routes makes driving worth it, even though it can get tiring at times.

The question, however, is should you bring your own car? The answer will depend on the distance, first of all, and if your vehicle is appropriate for the kind of terrain and landscape you will be driving on. Sometimes, your car, while certainly reliable in city driving, just wouldn’t cut it if your trip involves dirt road driving. In other instances, you’ll need a much bigger vehicle than what you have because there will be more passengers or items on board.

For these situations, you’re much better off getting a car rental instead of your own car. Not only can you better take care of your vehicle, but also you’ll be ensuring everybody else’s safety and convenience. In case you need any more convincing as to the advantages of getting car rentals, here are some more that you should consider.

Custom to Your Needs

As mentioned above, your every day car may not necessarily be good enough for your travel. Apart from its features and functionalities, you also have to think about the condition of your car. Are you going to need a four-wheel drive? Perhaps your car can take on light dirt roads, but will most likely stall or get damaged once exposed to harsher landscape conditions.

If not the performance or condition, perhaps it’s certain components such as space and storage. If your trip requires big, bulky items, you’d want to have enough space for them without compromising the comfort of your passengers. Not only that, but a car with overweight cargo can get its performance seriously affected, which could cause you some serious setbacks on the road.


If you’re the type who would like to have full control of your schedule when traveling, getting a rental car is the perfect solution for you. You can make certain adjustments to your itinerary at whatever point in time without having to worry about fixed schedules or paid tickets.

No matter how well you prepare for a trip, anything can still happen, which may lead you off your official travel schedule. Should that happen, at least you have a car rental to get you to your destination expediently.


If only for the safety and convenience that car rentals provide, you can already conclude that they are worthy investments. You only should pick it up when you need it, and then drop it off back from the rental shop, and then be on your way. You get to drive a vehicle during your travel too, without actually taking your car out of your own garage.

For these reasons, and more, take car rentals in serious consideration the next time you travel.


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