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Using Car Detailing and Cleaning Services

When to Consider Using Professional Car Detailing and Cleaning Services

Are you searching for an effective way to keep your vehicle looking pristine? Then you seriously need to consider having it professionally detailed on a regular basis. Car cleaning and detailing takes car washing to a whole new level, dealing with not just dust and mud but also all kinds of damage to your car exterior, particularly to its paintwork. Here are some situations where a detailing job may really come in handy.

So the question needs to be asked – how often should I detail my car? This depends on your needs and your budget. Some people and businesses find that detailing their cars is a monthly task for presentation (not to mention the tax benefits of the deduction). Most will have the vehicle detailed once a year, and others only when they need to sell it. Keep in mind that detailing preserves the original condition of the vehicle as we will outline below.

You are trying to save money but there’s a new car in the showroom you are tempted to buy.

When there are new arrivals in the showroom you pass by every day, it’s really hard to resist the thought of making another big purchase even if it means breaking the bank. It gets even harder when you see your current vehicle already looking old and worn down. Believe it or not, car detailing can help restore the pristine look of your car. When the detailer finishes polishing and coating your car’s exterior, you may be very grateful you didn’t make the mistake of buying a new car out of impulse and unprepared.

You have business fleet vehicles that need to better represent your business and brand.

In business, appearances matter. When a client (or even just the person next to you at the lights) sees your car, it is their first impression of your brand, your business, and the quality of your work. If your car looks like you don’t look after it, people will often assume that you look after your clients the same way – it’s harsh, but it’s human nature.

By keeping your business fleet in pristine condition, you’re directly impacting your business’s bottom line in multiple ways:

  • Direct Savings: Studies have shown that staff driving well-maintained cars are more likely to take better care of them. We all take better care of things when they look and feel “new”.
  • Intangible Savings: When staff know their car is being cleaned by a professional detailer while they work, it has also been shown to increase work ethic and staff employment satisfaction. We all like being appreciated.
  • Growth Opportunities: When people see a well-maintained fleet car that showcases your brand in an attractive (and preferably interesting) way, it can create new lead opportunities, increase brand confidence and make a great first impression with new/potential clients. Besides, it’s easier to read a phone number on the back window when it isn’t covered in mud.

A professional car detailer can help you restore the original physical state of your rental cars and get them ready for your team of road warriors in no time. It’s no surprise that many large businesses with fleet cars, vans, or utes these days are partnering with a car detailing company. While some dabble at managing this process in-house, nothing compares to the work, quality, and efficiency of a dedicated detailing shop.

You sell used cars and the competition is getting increasingly tighter in your area.

Car dealerships that offer pre-owned vehicles are now considering car detailing as an integral part of their processes. Knowing how much more meticulous and picky the consumers are becoming, they would go to great lengths such as investing in detailing services to ensure their used vehicles are more than presentable before being taken out to the lot. If you are a car dealer yourself, you shouldn’t hesitate to have your products detailed before putting them out for sale. In fact, you can even include detailing in the list of perks to attract buyers.

You are collecting classic or vintage cars and you are planning to stage them in a fully furnished display facility.

It’s every collector’s dream to have an exclusive place where they can display their collection. If you are a collector of classic or vintage cars and you are planning on building a well-designed, luxurious showroom for your collection, you’d need the services of a car detailing company. They can restore the “brand new” appearance of the interior and exterior of your vehicles to make sure they fit in your gallery.

Car detailing is the best way to give your vehicle the TLC it deserves. Ensuring that all surfaces of your car are immaculate and well-protected will not only help improve your driving experience but increase your car’s resale value as well. But before you contact a detailer, make sure to do your homework first. It pays to hire a car detailer that has a vast experience in detailing the kind of vehicle you have.