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What Every Car Owner Needs to Know about Garage Car Lift

Most vehicle owners are satisfied with a garage that is secure, roomy, and complete with all the tools necessary for little fixes and maintenance. Some, however, think more is needed to make a garage fully serviceable. True enough, there are other useful pieces of equipment that you can add to your garage setup. One of them is a car lift.

We often see a car lift in a workshop or vehicle service centre, and we think only a real mechanic would need one. It’s a bit bulky, too, so it’s easy to dismiss the idea of bringing one in your house. The thing is car lifts, generally, are not industrial machines. Judging by the simplicity of their purpose, which is mainly to lift a car so you can access its underside, you’ll realise that the average household that owns a vehicle or two would require one occasionally. Let me give you some specific reasons why it’s a good idea to have a car lift in your own garage. 

It helps you maximise your garage’s vertical space

A car lift allows you to hoist your vehicle enough to let another vehicle fit underneath it. This is, however, only applicable to garages with high ceiling. Before you bring one in, make sure to check your building’s blueprint or take some measurements.

It gives your investment better protection

If you own two or more vehicles and your garage doesn’t have enough room to house all of them, you are not protecting your investment properly. It may not seem obvious but everyday exposure to the elements has a serious impact on the value of your vehicles. Make sure you will stash all of them in your garage by using a car lift. 

It makes car repair and maintenance a lot easier

No more slinking underneath your car hoping to avoid being splashed by crude oil in the face. With a garage car lift, you can work on the repair or maintenance of your car’s underside more conveniently and more safely.

Types of Car Lift You Can Put in Your Garage

Undeniably, many vehicle lifts are too big for a home garage, but most models are designed to fit average-size workshops or workspaces, making them suitable for garages. Here are some types that you can choose from.


The least expensive of all the commercially available types of car lift, a scissor car is lift also considered the most standard type. Not only is it small enough to fit a slightly cramped garage, but it’s also easy to operate. It lays flat on the floor and you only must park your vehicle on top of it before you can start hoisting.


More sophisticated than a scissor car lift, a two-post car lift is more commonly found in high-end workshops. But it wouldn’t hurt to have one in your own garage, too. After all, it offers more features and allows you to access all corners of your vehicle more efficiently. 


If your garage has enough room for two more posts, you’d better choose a four-post car lift. It’s one of the sturdiest types of car lift, able to hoist even large types of vehicles, including pickups and small trucks. The only problem you will encounter with this type of car lift is that they don’t provide access for the tyres and brakes when they are seated on the tracks.

If you are having difficulty deciding on the most suitable type of car lift for your garage, consult with experts like MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment. Tell them the dimensions and features of your garage and they can tell which model, size, and type will give you better space efficiency. Their products are state of the art, too.